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Types of Fish and 'The Fish Counter'

Use the fish counter on the right to keep track of how many fish you've caught. Your statistics will be saved into our online system which can be viewed by clicking the 'view & print all saved info' button at the bottom of the right hand column.

The lake is stocked every season. The following fish are found in the lake:

Bluegill - Also called 'bream,' bluegill bait includes earthworms, crickets, grubs, grasshoppers, spinners, poppers, and flies.

Largemouth Bass - One of the most popular game fish, the largemouth bass will eat just about anything.

Redbreast Sunfish - Also known as a 'robin,' this fish has a yellowish to orange colored belly. Although smaller than the bluegill, the sunfish prefers the same bait types.

White Crappie - Usually found near submerged brush or logs. The bait they prefer are live minnows and 'crappie jigs.'

Mosquitofish - A small, minnow-like fish, found near the shore. As the name implies, they eat mosquito larvae. Not much of a game fish though.

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