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The view from the top of Crowders Mountain
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Rock Climbing at Crowders is the first website to offer climbing progress statistics & tracking. Over 150 of the park's routes are presented here in an intuitive way to help you keep track of what you've climbed, check your climbing progress, and help you plan your next climb at Crowders Mountain State Park. Definitely check it out.

There are two main climbing areas at Crowders Mountain. The 'Main Wall,' and 'Hidden Wall.' See the climbing area map for general trail directions and help finding most climbing walls. For more specific wall & route diagrams, select the routes link.

Please climb safely and responsibly. Be sure to read and understand the rules and regulations before climbing.








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Track your Crowders Mountain climbing progress with our one-and-only online statistics tracking system.

1) To begin, select the 'routes' link at the left.

2) A 3D topographical map of the park will be displayed. Select which area of the park you wish to view. Further narrow your desired selection by choosing a specific wall. This will load up that wall's route diagrams.

3) Using the left and right arrows, move the wall to view all of it's routes. Below each route is a circle, route name, description, and rating. Click the circle to mark the route as 'climbed.'

4) All completed routes are saved into the climbing statistics system.

The statistics system tracks:
Total routes climbed, average rating of all routes climbed, your approximate skill level, your top 3 hardest routes, and more...!

5) Select the 'stats' link to the left to enter the stats tracking system. Or click the 'View & print all saved inormation' link at the bottom of this column.

Routes can also be marked as 'climbed' directly in the stats area. In addition, the fishing, hiking, and camping statistics are also available on the stats page.

View all your saved statistics for fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing.