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Contact Us is 4 years old! The site is certainly starting to show her age, so I plan on doing a redesign very soon. I've got a nice list of feedback and years of statistics to help guide the redesign. How soon you say? Well, since I only do this part time and in my spare time, it might take months. So if anyone would like to help out (.net programming, photography, news articles, graphic design, flash development, AJAX, anything...), I am open to ideas and all applicants. You won't be paid, but you will have a guiding hand in making the new site wonderful, and some prominent credits as a contributor. If you are interested, submit your info below and be sure to leave your name and contact information.


We hope you've found to be an informative and useful resource. This site is a labor of love and is the culmination of input from many different people and resources. This entire site was done free of charge, mainly as a personal project for the local climbing community. There are odds and ends which are incomplete, but please be patient! We hope to one day have this whole thing finished; that is, when we get some free time from our 9-5 jobs!

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