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The view from the top of Crowders Mountain
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Fishing and Lake Activities

Watch a long, lazy afternoon slip away while enjoying the park's man-made, nine-acre wooded lake. The lake is located near the park office and picnic ground. See the lake map for directions.

For those who like to be afloat, canoes can be rented at the park office from May through October. Canoe rental information.

Fish from choice fishing spots on the banks or try your luck from the seat of a canoe. For more information on the fish, or to keep track of the fish you've caught, visit our online fish counter.

Also, please be sure to read the lake rules and regulations.






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Rules and Regulations

Keep track of how many fish you've caught at Crowders Mountain using our statistics tracking system:

1) To begin, select the 'fishing' link at the left.

2) A small interface will appear in this column allowing you to add and subtract the types of fish you've caught.

3) When you have added the appropriate amount of fish, click the save button.

4) To undo any changes and go back to the last time you saved, click cancel.

The statistics system tracks:
How many fish you've caught, as well as displaying the type of fish you've caught the most.

5) Click the 'View & print all saved inormation' link at the bottom of this column.

The number of fish caught can also be added and subtracted directly in the stats area. In addition, the climbing, hiking, and camping statistics are also available on the stats page.

View all your saved statistics for fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing.