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The view from the top of Crowders Mountain
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Camping at Crowders Mountain

Backcountry camping at Crowders Mountain is quite the experience. All camping in the park is hike-in only and primitive. Both camping areas, the family campground and group campground, are approx. 1 mile from the trailhead at the visitor center. Follow the trail signs to the appropriate area. Provided in both camping areas are pit toilets, well water from a hand pump, firewood, and per-site fire rings. See the map for general location and the cost page for fees and prices.

...::: Family Backcountry Camping :::...

There are 10 backcountry sites available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Tents should be placed on the available tent pads at each site. Each campsite is designed for up to 6 campers, with a maximum area capacity of 60 campers. The wood pile and water pump is central to this area. There are two pit toilets; one at the West end near the gravel ranger access road, and another at the East end where the trail enters this site area.

...::: Group Camping :::...

There are 6 campsites available for medium sized groups. All groups are encouraged to call the park office at least two weeks in advance to reserve a site. During the transition seasons of spring and fall, the group sites are often found full with Boy Scouts and other organizations. Each site is designed for 10-15 campers.

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