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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

If there is anything we can do to make this site more useful to your needs please let us know - we have many future plans for enhancements and additions and love feedback. Questions, comments, and suggestions are definitely welcome.

Q ::: Is this website owned or maintained by Crowders Mountain State Park?

A ::: No, this website is not owned or maintained by Crowders Mountain State Park, but rather a non-profit third party dedicated to educational & environmental causes. Any questions, comments, or suggestions posted through this website will not be received by Crowders Mountain State Park. We will however do our best to answer your questions, or forward your question(s) to the park staff. s

Q ::: How do I contact the park?

A ::: If you would like to contact the park directly, use the following: Phone: (704) 853-5375 ::: Email:

Q ::: What are the interactive features on this website?

A ::: The interactive features allow you to keep track of how many fish you've caught, how many routes you've climbed, how many miles you've hiked, and more. To use these features, visit your section of choice, and follow the instructions. Most is self explanatory. No information is shared with others and no login is required.

Q ::: How do I check all my saved information and statistics after using the interactive site features?

A ::: After marking trails as 'hiked', routes as 'climbed' etc. click the large black stats link. If the link is not available on the the page you are browsing, you can always reach the stats area from the link at the very bottom right of any page:

View & print all saved information

Q ::: How can I view my statistics from another computer?

A ::: In short, you can't. The statistics feature is computer specific. The reason it was created this way was to simplify the process for users by eliminating any annoying logins and account management issues - also - it's less work for me to build all those user & login features. Lazy. Lazy. s

Q ::: Can I compare my stats to others in the park? Am I the best climber? Have I hiked further than everyone else? etc...

A ::: Because the statistics operate on the honor system, comparisons from one individual to another would be too easy to abuse. This feature however, has not been completely thrown out...





View all your saved statistics for fishing, hiking, camping, and climbing.