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The view from the top of Crowders Mountain
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More than 15 miles of hiking trails meander through the park through forests and rocky areas, along creeks and ridgelines, and to the summits of Crowders Mountain and Kings Pinnacle. Every trail in the park is presented here in an intuitive way to help you keep track of what you've hiked, check your hiking progress, and help you plan your next adventure. Be sure to check it out.

Two trail heads, one at the Linwood Road Access parking lot, and one at the visitor center on the Sparrow Springs Road side of the park, provide access to the trails leading to Crowders Mountain and Kings Pinnacle. Two additional trails, Fern Trail and Lake Trail, are accessible from the picnic area and lake parking lots. Check the map for general trail details.

P.S. There are 334 steps on the Backside Trail.

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Currently the statistics tracking for hiking is unavailable. If you would like to contribute ideas for what you'd like to see in this section, please contact us!

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