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The view looking down the Practice Wall
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Schedule of Events

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While we work to update the site this century, please check either the official park events website, or the Friends of Crowders website.























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Rules and Regulations

Visit the official park "Schedule of Events" for current and upcoming months.

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In the event we have not updated our event listing to the left, Crowders Mountain State Park's official site has a searchable database of this and other parks in the state.

Friends of Crowders Mountain

The Friends of Crowders Mountain also keeps a schedule of park events online. You can view it here.

If not for the efforts of a small group of Gaston County citizens in the early 1970's everything we know as, "Crowders Mountain State Park," would not exist for your enjoyment today! This group known as, "The Gaston Conservation Society," worked very hard to get your park created and thus saved from a proposed mining operation. Although The Gaston Conservation Society no longer exists there is a group helping your park today!

The "Friends of Crowders Mountain State Park" is a support group of concerned citizens working together to assist your park reach its many goals. As a non-profit organization the Friends group can raise money for the park, and provides community support. These efforts help the park reach its primary mandates of public education, promoting stewardship of natural resources, and providing the public with recreational opportunities.

If you are looking for a way to get involved with the park you love please consider joining the Friends group. Brochures are available in the Visitor Center lobby. Or visit their website.


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